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Wrench Against the Machine, a new bike-building television show

Wrench Against the Machine, a new bike-building television show

November 12, 2016


We talk to three famous bike-builders, Alan Stulberg of Revival Cycles, Woolie Woolaway of Deus Ex Machina and Roland Sands of Roland Sands Design who are judges in a new bike-building television series.

Another Motorcycle Podcast talks to them about the show, ‘Wrench Against the Machine’, their personal design styles, where we are with not only custom bike-building but the motorcycle industry in general. This interview goes behind the scenes of the new motorcycle show, offers tips to riders looking to customize their own ride and is just a great conversation between bikers.

Wrench Against the Machine

The new hour-long competition series will premiere on Esquire Network on Tuesday, November 15 with each episode featuring two teams of three expert builders battling head-to-head. The teams only have three days and $3,000 to transform basic stock motorcycles into rowdy, riding, works of art. Each episode will also feature a different type of bike including café racers, choppers, bobbers etc.

At the end of the three days both bikes will be evaluated by judges Roland Sands, founder of the highly esteemed motorcycle and apparel company Roland Sands Design, and two of the most revered names in motorcycle design, Michael Woolaway, U.S. Director of Motorcycle Design for Deus Ex Machina and Alan Stulberg, Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Revival Cycles and the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. 

The Guests

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Motorcycles, Ethanol and Gasoline - The Experts Explain

Motorcycles, Ethanol and Gasoline - The Experts Explain

October 29, 2016

Bikers face the challenge of ethanol-blended fuels every time they pull into a gas station to fill up their tank.

Two of the organizations that have weighed in on the ethanol-blended fuel debate are the Renewable Fuels Association and the American Motorcyclist Association. The organizations have publicly disagreed on how ethanol-blended fuel is sold in gas stations and exactly how much should be allowed into the marketplace.

For the first time ever, representatives from both organizations come together to discuss, debate and clarify the topic of ethanol-blended fuels and more importantly, explain why their viewpoint makes the most motorcycle-sense.

Peter terHorst and Rick Podliska represent the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)
Robert White represents the Renewable Fuels Association

In this edition of Another Motorcycle Podcast we discuss;

  • What are ethanol-blended fuels?
  • How do they get to local gas stations?
  • Which should be used in a motorcycle?
  • The facts, fiction and wives tales of Ethanol-blended fuels
  • What's next for riders and their choices at the pumps

There is a surprising amount of common-ground found in this discussion which reveals some promising possibilities. This podcast runs a little longer than our usual offerings, but its packed with essential and enlightening information from all involved.

Every rider in the United States should listen to this podcast.

Here are the articles and links referenced in the podcast;

Motorcycle Navigation Apps - We Talk About Them

Motorcycle Navigation Apps - We Talk About Them

August 26, 2016

They are becoming the must-have motorcycle accessory, smartphone navigation apps. Whether still using traditional maps, google maps or an app, this podcast should be interesting to all riders.

Our motorcycle expert for this podcast, the creator and developer of the latest, cutting edge navigation application, ‘Scenic’ Guido van Eijsden.

The app promises many of the features found in dedicated GPS navigation routes without the need of carrying one around. Add to this, Motomapppers say, many of the routes designated as ‘scenic’ could be for cars or even bicycles and not necessarily what a motorcycle rider would like.

Also, going to the more technical side of navigation applications, importing and editing existing routes can be time consuming.  Using the open-source system of GPX, Scenic’s very own ‘Scenify’ algorithm converts any GPX route or track into a navigable route, with Turn by Turn and Voice Guidance.

The app can be downloaded here.

New Navigation App Opens Up Our Motorcycle World

Motorcycle Road Trips - EagleRider, The New Road Trip

Motorcycle Road Trips - EagleRider, The New Road Trip

July 23, 2016

One of the main reasons to buy a motorcycle is the road trip. Whether for two or three days or a few weeks, bikers daydream about leaving everyday life behind for the open road.

Between GPS navigation, smartphones and more reliable motorcycles, the modern day road trip is a far cry from those our biker forefathers enjoyed. A new way of discovering those memorable riding adventures has been pioneered by EagleRider. Flying to different parts of the world, bikers can rent a motorcycle, enjoy tried and tested recommendations for routes and stops or opt for fully organized tours, EagleRider removes any limitations and challenging planning bikers may face when pulling together that dream motorcycle vacation.

Shawn Fechter, EagleRider's VP of Brand Marketing discusses the company's all-encompassing services it offers to riders as well as passing along essential tips for the perfect road trip. We also learn of some money-saving shortcuts with EagleRider as well as hearing some great riding tunes.

Riders wanting more information about EagleRider can go to the company's website or check out these Clutch and Chrome Articles;

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More tips for the perfect motorcycle road trip can be found in the following Clutch and Chrome Articles;

We discuss ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ with four of the actor’s fans

We discuss ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ with four of the actor’s fans

July 20, 2016

Norman Reedus has ridden through the six episodes which brought the popular television format of a travelog to the humble motorcycle.

Joined by some famous faces as well as peeking into the lesser known corners of our riding world, the online motorcycle magazine Clutch and Chrome looks back at his journey with four of his fans to discuss both the good and the bad of AMC's mini series.

Regular listeners may remember 'Another Motorcycle Podcast' reviewed the very first episode, so it only seem fitting we took time to look back at the entire series.

The podcast features favorite moments from the guests and what impressions the journey left on riders and non-riders alike. So if you're a rider looking for a television show to fill the time while away from the saddle, or wanted to watch 'Ride With Norman Reedus' this podcast is perfect to help decide whether to catch it online or in re-runs.

Kimberly - @ennoia3

Jen - @jenben415
Lisa - @Loungefly25
Carol - @Hot_Thick_Betty

Video From Jen - Here!

Clutch and Chrome articles about 'Ride with Norman Reedus' (the most recent first)
Is Sunday The Last Ride For Norman Reedus?

Energica’s Electric US Roadtrip

Energica’s Electric US Roadtrip

July 11, 2016

In this time of electric motorcycles offering themselves as a credible option, having physical dealerships brings much-needed confidence to riders possibly interested in this cutting-edge option. Pulling out all the stops, Energica Motor Company celebrated the opening of its worldwide flagship location on July 6th with ribbon cutting in the presence of the Ambassador of Italy H.E. Armando Varricchio.

Called Galleria Energica, it’s located in the heart of San Francisco, very close to the Mission District and displays a variety of Energica models.  Visitors will be able to feel and experience the exceptional uniqueness of the new Energica electric motorcycles. Interested buyers will even be able to arrange demo rides with the new location.

We speak with Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A. in Italy and Stewart Davis, CEO of Energica’s American division on the day they were opening Galleria Energica about the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

The articles

Ride with Norman Reedus - We discuss the show’s premiere

Ride with Norman Reedus - We discuss the show’s premiere

June 14, 2016
The latest motorcycle show rode onto the small screen with AMC's 'Ride with Norman Reedus' debuting on AMC Sunday Night, June 12th.

The very next morning, two fans of actor Norman Reedus Kimberly and Jen joined Rich, Editor of the online motorcycle magazine, Clutch and Chrome to discuss the first episode of this six-part mini-series.

The conversation covers motorcycles, motorcycle shows, The Walking Dead and of course fan favorite, Norman Reedus.

All audio from Ride with Norman Reedus courtesy of its respective copyright owner.

Links of items discussed.

Kimberly - @ennoia3
Jen - @jenben415

Video discussed - Jen meeting Norman Reedus

Clutch and Chrome Interview with Zero Motorcycles Scott Harden AIMExpo2016 (17'30 Mark)

Clutch and Chrome articles about 'Ride with Norman Reedus' (the most recent first)
Women and Motorcycles

Women and Motorcycles

June 9, 2016
Clutch and Chrome sits down with two prominent female riders to talk about women and the world of motorcycles.

Whether a woman who loves to ride her own or a female toying with the idea of going solo on a motorcycle as well as male riders who are fascinated or intrigued by seeing more women laying down the miles, this podcast is for you!

Jessica Haggett, founder of a worldwide all-female riding group, the Litas as well as BMW Motorrad National Marketing Manager Sarah Schilke can obviously be considered experts on these matters and brought their life-experiences and unique take on the subject.

Some links to items mentioned in the podcast

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The Studies
Demon’s Cycle - Tom ‘The German’

Demon’s Cycle - Tom ‘The German’

June 2, 2016
Clutch and Chrome sits down with Tom 'The German', a well-known bike builder and owner of Demons Cycle, an aftermarket motorcycle parts company. Custom bikes, motorcycle styles of past, present and the future as well as Tom's journey to become a well-known in the two-wheeled world are discussed,

It should be noted, we are talking motorcycles and everything about them so the language can get colorful at times. But it will be conversation bikers will enjoy and talk about at the next bike night!

Frankie Ballard - Country Singer, Celebrity Biker

Frankie Ballard - Country Singer, Celebrity Biker

May 20, 2016

Frankie Ballard, an accomplished country music singer-songwriter discusses his love for motorcycles, the latest Allstate motorcycle safety campaign 'Guardians of the Ride' and his upcoming album 'El Rio'.

We talk about Ballard's motorcycle habits, other famous country music names who enjoy saddle time as well as the inspiration behind some of his biggest hits.

Music featured

Young and Crazy
Helluva Life
It all started with a beer