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Motorcycles, Ethanol and Gasoline - The Experts Explain

October 29, 2016

Bikers face the challenge of ethanol-blended fuels every time they pull into a gas station to fill up their tank.

Two of the organizations that have weighed in on the ethanol-blended fuel debate are the Renewable Fuels Association and the American Motorcyclist Association. The organizations have publicly disagreed on how ethanol-blended fuel is sold in gas stations and exactly how much should be allowed into the marketplace.

For the first time ever, representatives from both organizations come together to discuss, debate and clarify the topic of ethanol-blended fuels and more importantly, explain why their viewpoint makes the most motorcycle-sense.

Peter terHorst and Rick Podliska represent the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)
Robert White represents the Renewable Fuels Association

In this edition of Another Motorcycle Podcast we discuss;

  • What are ethanol-blended fuels?
  • How do they get to local gas stations?
  • Which should be used in a motorcycle?
  • The facts, fiction and wives tales of Ethanol-blended fuels
  • What's next for riders and their choices at the pumps

There is a surprising amount of common-ground found in this discussion which reveals some promising possibilities. This podcast runs a little longer than our usual offerings, but its packed with essential and enlightening information from all involved.

Every rider in the United States should listen to this podcast.

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