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Motorcycle Road Trips - EagleRider, The New Road Trip

July 23, 2016

One of the main reasons to buy a motorcycle is the road trip. Whether for two or three days or a few weeks, bikers daydream about leaving everyday life behind for the open road.

Between GPS navigation, smartphones and more reliable motorcycles, the modern day road trip is a far cry from those our biker forefathers enjoyed. A new way of discovering those memorable riding adventures has been pioneered by EagleRider. Flying to different parts of the world, bikers can rent a motorcycle, enjoy tried and tested recommendations for routes and stops or opt for fully organized tours, EagleRider removes any limitations and challenging planning bikers may face when pulling together that dream motorcycle vacation.

Shawn Fechter, EagleRider's VP of Brand Marketing discusses the company's all-encompassing services it offers to riders as well as passing along essential tips for the perfect road trip. We also learn of some money-saving shortcuts with EagleRider as well as hearing some great riding tunes.

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The Music

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