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Motorcycle Navigation Apps - We Talk About Them

August 26, 2016

They are becoming the must-have motorcycle accessory, smartphone navigation apps. Whether still using traditional maps, google maps or an app, this podcast should be interesting to all riders.

Our motorcycle expert for this podcast, the creator and developer of the latest, cutting edge navigation application, ‘Scenic’ Guido van Eijsden.

The app promises many of the features found in dedicated GPS navigation routes without the need of carrying one around. Add to this, Motomapppers say, many of the routes designated as ‘scenic’ could be for cars or even bicycles and not necessarily what a motorcycle rider would like.

Also, going to the more technical side of navigation applications, importing and editing existing routes can be time consuming.  Using the open-source system of GPX, Scenic’s very own ‘Scenify’ algorithm converts any GPX route or track into a navigable route, with Turn by Turn and Voice Guidance.

The app can be downloaded here.

New Navigation App Opens Up Our Motorcycle World