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Wrench Against the Machine, a new bike-building television show

November 12, 2016


We talk to three famous bike-builders, Alan Stulberg of Revival Cycles, Woolie Woolaway of Deus Ex Machina and Roland Sands of Roland Sands Design who are judges in a new bike-building television series.

Another Motorcycle Podcast talks to them about the show, ‘Wrench Against the Machine’, their personal design styles, where we are with not only custom bike-building but the motorcycle industry in general. This interview goes behind the scenes of the new motorcycle show, offers tips to riders looking to customize their own ride and is just a great conversation between bikers.

Wrench Against the Machine

The new hour-long competition series will premiere on Esquire Network on Tuesday, November 15 with each episode featuring two teams of three expert builders battling head-to-head. The teams only have three days and $3,000 to transform basic stock motorcycles into rowdy, riding, works of art. Each episode will also feature a different type of bike including café racers, choppers, bobbers etc.

At the end of the three days both bikes will be evaluated by judges Roland Sands, founder of the highly esteemed motorcycle and apparel company Roland Sands Design, and two of the most revered names in motorcycle design, Michael Woolaway, U.S. Director of Motorcycle Design for Deus Ex Machina and Alan Stulberg, Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Revival Cycles and the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. 

The Guests

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